• Twenty-two new COVID-19 cases reported in Jackson County

    July 23, 2020
    Jackson County Health Department was notified in the past 24 hours of 22 Jackson County residents
    confirmed to have contracted COVID-19. The individuals are as follows:
    • Female – one teen, and twelve in their twenties;
    • Male – six in their twenties, and three in their thirties.

    They acquired the disease either through contact with known cases or through transmission in the community
    (i.e., unable to trace back to a known source). They are being placed in isolation.

    To date, there have been 453 confirmed cases in the county, including 19 related deaths. 345
    individuals have been released from isolation in accordance with CDC guidelines. Eighty-nine active
    cases are currently being managed. Please note, the case numbers reflected on the Illinois Department
    of Public Health website may not always align with these figures, as cases are being opened and closed
    on an almost daily basis.

    Of Jackson County cases reported in July, 78 of the 123 cases have been individuals in their teens and
    twenties (63%). Health officials strenuously urge those in their teens and twenties to follow practices
    which limit the spread of COVID-19. These practices include: 1) Wear a mask out in public or when you
    cannot social distance; 2) Maintain a 6 foot space between yourself and others; 3) Avoid social
    gatherings, especially indoors; 4) Wash hands frequently; 5) Stay home if you are symptomatic; and 6)
    Work with health department officials as they conduct contact tracing following positive cases.
    Following this guidance is crucial to slowing the rate of new cases.

    If you have a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle aches, loss of taste or smell, nausea or
    diarrhea, call your health care provider for further guidance. Two providers are conducting COVID-19
    testing of eligible individuals in Jackson County: Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) – Call 1-844-988-7800;
    and Shawnee Health Service – Call 618-519-9200.
    Jackson County Health Department