• SIU Guitar Festival

    September 10, 2019
    From September 20th to the 21st the SIU School of Music is celebrating the 6th edition of the SIU
    Guitar Festival. The opening gala concert will feature Dr. Isaac Lausell on classical guitar. Dr. Lausell
    founded the festival back in 2014, which brings to Carbondale some of the world’s top best guitarists.
    This season of concerts will be a collaborative exploration between popular, classical and Latin-
    American music featuring the headliners Luis Enrique Juliá and Samuel Morales.

    Luis Enrique is the chair of the guitar department at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music and also
    the recipient of a Grammy Nomination for his quintet for clarinet and strings featuring Ricardo
    Morales on clarinet principal of the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Pacifica Quartet. The maestro is
    known for his sensible and lyrical interpretations of the classical repertoire as well as his work as a
    composer of chamber music. Juliá’s artistic output seamlessly interweaves the classical guitar,
    improvisation and popular Latin American music.

    When he is not on stage or at a recording studio Samuel Morales is a jazz professor at the University
    of Puerto Rico. He has as well been the recipient of various allocates for his own group the SM
    Quinteto as well as his work with Jorge Laboy’s 3:00 AM group and Proyecto EVIF.

    For a full schedule of lectures, concerts and ticket information visit:

    The SIU Guitar Festival is sponsored in part by the SIU Fine Arts Activity Fund, also with the support
    of the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music and University of Puerto Rico –Río Piedras Camps. The SIU
    Guitar Festival is also proud to be part of the activities of the SIU Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month.
    Dr. Isaac Lausell, SIUC School of Music Assistant Professor - Guitar