• Revolutionary New Device for Addiction Withdrawal

    February 11, 2020
    A small device used to help in the fight against opioid addiction is now available in Southern Illinois.
    RecoverUs Centers in Carbondale, a non-narcotic, treatment facility is the only facility in the state using a small device, to help clients fight their addictions to Heroin and other opioids.
    The device so small it will fit in the palm of your hand has been created by a Midwest company and is attached behind the ear. The device works by sending electrical signals from the nerve points on your ear to the brain, allowing the brain to “calm down.” It works almost immediately from the time it is attached.  The device allows clients not to need to swallow a pill when they are already combating horrible nausea and severe pain associated with withdrawal.
    A member of our medical staff will only need a few minutes to attach the waterproof device you will wear for 5 days.  During those 5 days, you are able to continue to work, spend time with your family and live your daily life without any disruptions.  Clients who have used it are very thankful coming from a time of helplessness.
    Please call RecoverUs Centers Carbondale, (618) 519-9444, for additional information on the use of this device in your treatment and starting your path to Recovery.
    Aimee Nance