• Region's Inaugural Solarize Southern IL Solar Group Buy Program Launched April 30th

    May 19, 2020
    A wide range of organizations and entities collectively known as the Solarize Southern Illinois Working Group have come together to create and bring a Solar Group Buy Program to the homeowners and businesses of our region, including Franklin, Jackson, Perry, Union, and Williamson Counties, Illinois.

    Starting on April 30th, with a focus on bi-weekly live online educational Power Hours running through at least the end of June, the Solarize Southern Illinois (Solarize SI) Group Buy Program has a limited timeframe lasting just through the summer months.

    The 5-month, 5-county effort to educate hundreds of residents and businesses regarding the current opportunity to go solar in Illinois will also give attendees the chance to go solar at a discounted rate. Below retail pricing is
    accomplished through aggregated demand and economy of scale while helping the region grow solar infrastructure and capacity as a whole. Solarize SI is standing by to assist communities in moving toward achieving their sustainability goals.

    StraightUp Solar ( www.straightupsolar.com ) was chosen as the solar company of choice for the Inaugural Solarize Southern Illinois program. Founded in 2006 with more than 22 MW amidst 1,400 installations in their portfolio, StraightUp Solar is Illinois's leading provider of solar group buy programs and Illinois leading
    residential solar installer each of the last four years.

    Program supporters include the John A Logan College, SIU Carbondale Sustainability Office, the City of Carbondale, the Jackson County Board, Carterville Chamber of Commerce, Faith In Place, Carbondale Chamber of Commerce, Citizens Utility Board, Carbondale Neighborhood Coop, Shawnee Group Sierra Club,
    Carbondale Interfaith Council, Carbondale First Christian Church, Carbondale Public Library, and Sallie Logan Public Library in Murphysboro and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association.

    Registration for Power Hour, and their scheduled days and times, can be accessed at www.SolarizeSouthernIllinois.com.

    For more information, you can contact the Solarize Southern Illinois Program
    Director, Beau Henson, at 618.303.6735 or Director@SolarizeSouthernIllinois.com.
    Beau Henson, Solarize Southern IL Program Director