• Rain or Shine, This Home Is Always a Bright Spot

    December 06, 2018
    Peggy and Andy Polovich’s home at 304 South Oakland has earned a Bright Spot Award from the Keep Carbondale Beautiful board.  Directly in front of the house is a Japanese-style rock garden, inspired by Andy’s two tours of duty in Japan.  Sculptures include one large and several small pagoda statues, plus two cranes and a fish around the pond, shaded by a Japanese maple tree. A Gold Mop Cypress provides a backdrop to the large pagoda.  Along the sidewalk, large pots overflow with lilies and pansies in the summer.   Observers may see the rocks and think, “no need to mow,” but Peggy Polovich warned, “It’s a little more maintenance than I thought.”
    The KCB Board selects businesses or residences to receive the Bright Spot Award for enhancing the beauty of our community by means of revitalization of property, new construction, plantings and beautification, upkeep and maintenance, or rehabilitation.
    If you would like to nominate a business or residence to receive the Award, please call the Keep Carbondale Beautiful office at 525-5525 or e-mail BrightSpotAward@gmail.com.  Archives of some past Bright Spot Award winners may be found at keepcb.org.
    Sarah Heyer, Executive Director