• One death & thirty-four new COVID-19 cases in Jackson County

    Jackson County Health Department sadly announces the death of a female in her nineties related to
    COVID-19. The thoughts of public health staff are with her loved ones.

    The Health Department was notified in the past 24 hours of 34 Jackson County residents having
    contracted COVID-19. The individuals are as follows:
    • Female – two under ten, two teens, five in their twenties, three in their thirties, two in their forties,
    one in her fifties, three in their sixties, and one in her seventies;
    • Male – one preteen, two teens, five in their twenties, three in their thirties, one in his forties, one
    in his fifties, one in his sixties, and one in his eighties.

    390 active cases are currently being managed. To date, there have been 2,333 cases in the county,
    including 30 related deaths. Fifty-eight individuals were released from isolation, in accordance with CDC
    guidelines, bringing the total released to 1,913 individuals.

    The entire State will be placed on Tier 3 mitigation measures starting Friday. These measures are aimed
    at reducing potential exposure to COVID-19 in various types of businesses. In Jackson County, over the
    past six weeks the number of weekly positive cases increased over 1,100%. The number of COVID
    patients in hospitals locally is now at a record-high, which has negative cascading effects throughout
    local healthcare systems. One out of every four hospital beds in Illinois is currently occupied by a COVID
    patient. Bart Hagston, Public Health Administrator, states “We are not asking you to follow the
    mitigation measures because the government requests so. We are asking the mitigation measures be
    followed because right now, at this critical time, your community needs you to do so.”

    Residents of, and visitors to, Jackson County should immediately and consistently take the following
    1) Stay home as much as possible. Only go out for work or essential items, if possible.
    2) Avoid parties and gatherings of all sizes - crowds are an ideal environment for spreading COVID-19.
    3) Keep at least 6ft of space between yourself and others as much as possible.
    4) Wear a face mask when around others. The latest research shows cloth masks protect the wearer, as
    well as others.
    5) Stay home if you are sick, even if you only have mild symptoms. Get tested. Self-isolate while
    awaiting test results. Stay home when placed on isolation or quarantine.
    6) Workplaces should follow all guidance published by IDPH and DCEO, as well as the Restore Illinois Resurgence Mitigations.
    7) Return calls to public health officials and follow their instructions.

    If you have a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle aches, loss of taste or smell, nausea, diarrhea, or other symptoms, call your health care provider for further guidance. Two providers are conducting COVID-19 testing in Jackson County: Call either Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) at 1-844-988-7800; or Shawnee Health Service at 618-519-9200.