• High Gas Prices? These Students are Smiling at the Pump

    March 28, 2012

    High gas prices? These students are smiling at the pump.

    CARTERVILLE, ILLINOIS - As the Oil Price Information Service reports that gasoline prices have risen 24 days in a row, most Americans have cause for conern but one professors students can smile at the pump.

    David O. England is an Associate Professor of Finance at John A. Logan College and founder of the popular web site, TheTradersEye.com David is known for taking complex material and breaking it down into easy to grasp concepts with humor and a common-sense approach.

    In David's WALL STREET BOOT CAMP Friday workshop series, he teaches strategies such as investing in crude oil and energy based ETF's and other securities that will increase in value when prices at the pump go up.

    This information is so valuable that some students travel a little further than most but few have traveled as far as Ken Nauholz. Ken is from Brookfield, in the greater Milwaukee, WS area. Ken drove over 450 miles to attend David England's recent Friday seminar series including: "Wall Street Boot Camp Series - Part II" - "Making Money with Advanced Technical Analysis and Japanese Candlesticks" and "Dividends, Making Money in a Sideways Market."

    Ken says it was well worth the trip and spending an entire day just getting to the class.  "After making a trip a few years ago to John A. Logan College, meeting David, some of his students and all the nice hospitality in Southern Illinois I felt I found a special place with an instructor with a special teaching gift to bring the complexity of the stock market to a level I or anyone can understand. I am hoping to learn from David's years of experience in the market to help me navigate the markets and become a successful trader. I have a desire to learn the market to help my financial situation and hopefully others as well."

    The next workshop in the series is Friday, March, 30, 2012, "INTRO TO OPTIONS AND FUTURES." In this all day seminar you'll gain a general introduction to the exciting world of options and futures and gain an understanding of using these vehicles for trading and risk managment. Class starts at 9:00 a.m. on the Carterville campus of JALC in Room H127. More info on the class is available at http://TheTradersEye.com

    David's tells us, "If you are tired of your broker/salesperson making money when you are losing money, or not having a clue what your broker is telling you, this is the workshop for you!"

    Ken from Wisconsin says, "Take one of David's classes you won't regret it and you will meet some nice people also. It is well worth the trip."

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