• City of Carbondale Announces Winners of 'Let it Glow' Contest

    December 23, 2019

    The City of Carbondale is excited to announce the winners of the Second Annual ‘Let it Glow’ holiday lights contest.

    The City received 11 entries. All submissions were judged on creativity, use of lights and originality. The contest was open to businesses and residences in city limits.

    Residential Winner: Marcia Moore, 1018 South Glenview Drive

    Business Winner: Century Assisted Living, 701 South Lewis Lane

    Honorable Mentions: Darren Ackerman, 804 W Cherry Street

                                      Garret Cummings, 501 Deer Lake Drive West

    The winners were visited by Mayor Mike Henry who delivered holiday yard signs and a $50 gift card to Ace Hardware located in the Murdale Shopping Center.

    For more information, contact the City of Carbondale Public Relations Officer Roni LeForge (618) 559-1939 or rleforge@explorecarbondale.com.

    “Carbondale prides itself on providing its visitors, students, businesses and residents with a unique mix of edge and ease. It’s a cultural town, yet free of pretense, embracing the great outdoors as readily as urban sophistication. Here, we are open to new ideas, experiences and cultures, so you are encouraged to both express yourself and be yourself, in all ways. That’s Carbondale…All Ways Open… for family, fun, business, new ideas and a bright tomorrow.”

    Roni LeForge, City of Carbondale Public Relations Officer