• Centerstone to host Trauma Informed System of Care Conference on May 4

    March 26, 2019
    Centerstone, a national leader in behavioral health care, joined by many regional partners, is co-hosting the Trauma Informed System of Care Conference on Saturday, May 4 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at John A. Logan College’s main conference center.

    “The overall goal of the conference is to bring different serving professionals together,” said Niki Grajewski, Clinic Manager at Centerstone. “One of our goals is to build common language, philosophy, and understanding around trauma informed practices, how systems of care function, etc.  Research is showing that this approach is one of the most effective ways to care for the mental health of children and families, while also bringing communities together.”

    Partnering with Centerstone are Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine, Shawnee Health Services, Christopher Rural Health Planning Corporation (CRHPC), Rural Health Inc., Egyptian Public and Mental Health, Poshard Foundation for Abused Children, and Health Resources and Services Administration: Behavioral Workforce Education Grant (Trauma Based Behavioral Health Fellowship).

    “The conference will help to strengthen the understanding that professionals from many different community serving agencies have around how stress impacts the body, the mind, and the community as a whole,” Grajewski said. “The conference and discussion will also build more awareness around the positive impact we can have in our community if we work together to address this issue.”

    This conference will deepen the level of understanding about adverse childhood experiences, the prevalence of toxic stress and the lifetime consequences violence, abuse, neglect and other adversities can have across generations.

    “Addressing trauma, toxic stress, and violence is not just a ‘mental health’ issue.  A holistic approach where we work together, for each other, for our families, is far more effective than remaining in service silos,” Grajewski said. “The experiences that a child or family has affects them from birth to death.  If we do not find effective ways to help our community to address the negative experiences they and their children have, we will continue to see trauma and stress ‘passed down’ from parent to child and on and on. 

    “The good news, though, is that research is showing that a community-wide, system of care approach, where we as providers band together with a solid plan for tackling these issues, is proving to change communities, agency approach, and the lives of those we live with in our communities.”

    Using a System of Care Model, this conference will connect a multidisciplinary group of participants to help assess and provide a plan of care for individuals within a trauma informed system of care.

    “Adverse childhood experiences are fundamentally an under-recognized public health crisis and can only be systematically addressed by training a multidisciplinary team of people in the recognition, assessment, treatment, and prevention of adversity and toxic stress. Training within a system of care model will allow for streamlined services for clients,” said Ginger Meyer, MSW, LCSW, CCTP, Clinical Director at Children’s Medical and Mental Health Resource Network with the SIU School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics.

    This conference is a result of the 13-month, $200,000 planning grant from the Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation to develop a plan, in collaboration with regional partners, to improve the mental health of children and communities throughout Southern Illinois. As part of the funding, Centerstone has collaborated with community partner groups, parent and youth organizations, parents, youth and more, to create a plan to address mental health issues facing children in Perry, Jackson, Williamson, and Franklin counties.
    The regional partners who have collaborated with Centerstone include:
    • Children’s Medical & Mental Health Resource Network
    • Christopher School District
    • CRHPC
    • Cornerstone Church
    • Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department
    • Heartland Regional Medical Center
    • Illinois Department of Children & Family Services
    • Jackson County Public Health Department
    • Marion School District
    • Prevent Child Abuse Illinois
    • Regional Office of Education #21
    • Regional Office of Education #30
    • Shawnee Health Service
    • Southern Illinois Healthcare
    • SIU
    • Southern Region Early Childhood
    • SIU Medicine
    • University of Illinois Extension College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
     “The Conference is one part of the planning toward creating a system of care,” Grajewski said.
    After the 13 months is up in October, the project will evolve into a 6-year larger grant to pilot programming, collaborations, and continued work at creating a sustainable system once the grant is over.
    Registration for the conference will open in mid-April. For more information about the conference, contact Nicole Tippy at nicole.tippy@centerstone.org or 1-855-608-3560 ext. 7855 or Ginger Meyer at gingermeyer1@hotmail.com or visit the conference’s Facebook event page at bit.ly/SoC2019.
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