• Public Health Director of Nursing & WIC

    Posted: 12/10/2021

    Summary:  With minimal external supervision, directs public health nursing activities and programs including Communicable Disease Surveillance, Immunizations, Sexual Health and WIC.
    Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Recruit, hire, train and supervise the Nursing/WIC staff.  Plan, assign, and evaluate the team’s work activities.
    2. Develop revise and implement policies, methods and procedures for the Nursing/ WIC programs.
    3. Oversees all grants including writing/preparing grant applications, monitoring work, data collection and analysis, and providing timely reports on program activities related to division programming.
    4. Conduct Division and program staff meetings as needed. Prepares and submits monthly, quarterly and annual division reports as needed.
    5. Function as a resource person to supervisors, community leaders, the general public, and volunteers to interpret and further the public health mission through the area served.
    6. Assist in the planning and delivery of training programs and activities designed to improve the knowledge and health of the community.
    7. Assess and deliver training to others that effectively enhances their knowledge and skills for supervising staff.
    8. Identify process deficiencies and recommend means for improvement.
    9. Identify and analyze barriers that affect program continuity, monitoring trends, developing and implementing strategies for continuous improvement.
    10. Assess availability of services within the community and determine if the division is capable of filling those gaps.
    11. Keep abreast of innovative practices, current trends, and regulatory changes in Nursing. 
    12. Coordinate quality assurance for all programs within the division by reviewing activities with supervisory personnel to coordinate and standardize field activities.
    13. Develop and monitor budgets for all programs with assistance of business manager and administrator, initiates decisions regarding program expenditures.
    14. Engage with the JCHD management team to assist in setting agency policies, priorities, procedures and goals.  Work closely with other division directors on shared programming and projects.
    15. Implement the incident command structure as needed and assists in the agency's emergency response for both exercises and actual responses in cooperation with appropriate agencies.
    16. Responsible for secure record keeping and adherence to established policies and procedures.
    17. Acts as agency spokesperson to media as assigned.
    18. Develop and implement policies, methods and procedures for the public health nursing and family services
    19. Provide clinical services as needed.
    20. Meet with Medical Director to update standing orders.
    21. Incorporate ethical standards of practice into all interactions, including the use of data and information
    22. Handle conflict and confrontation in a firm, professional manner
    23. Adhere to HIPAA privacy regulations and OSHA safety standards pertaining to exposure to blood borne pathogens or other hazards.
    24. Interact with diverse populations effectively and professionally, regardless of age, cultural, socioeconomic, educational, racial or ethnic background, sexual orientation, lifestyle and physical ability. And respect the cultural, language and religious practices of others.
    25. Assume responsibility for own professional growth and development by pursuing continuing education, participating in professional committees and work groups and contributing to a work environment where continual improvements in practice are pursued.