• We're about to witness the best humans have to offer.

    I hope this article is true. Here are a few examples of “the best in people” I’ve witnessed today: Teachers offering to assist parents with in-home learning. People offering to cook meals for the elderly and others. Organizations gifting catering orders from canceled events to youth organizations and shelters. Efforts to share accurate and up-to-date info including where products and resources are available. People committing to only purchase what is needed [anti-hording]. Employers offering flexibility to workers. Schools and organizations committed to feeding school-aged children; some offering school supplies also. Car rental companies adjusting age policies to get students home. People buying gift cards and delivery from small businesses. Curbside service being deployed by restaurants, pet stores, libraries, etc. Maybe it’s the people I choose to follow, but the tone on social media is looking more positive. Let’s keep sharing posts that help people and drown those that spread panic. 

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