• Annual Awards

    Each year the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce recognizes outstanding achievement by businesses, individuals and residents with a variety of awards. Nominations for Business of the Year, Regional Business of the Year, Business Leader of the Year, Young Professional of the Year and Citizen of the Year are accepted each fall and are due by 4pm on December 17th. 

    Award recipients are honored at the Chamber's Annual Banquet in February and are featured in video segments shown as a part of the banquet program.

    To nominate a deserving business or individual, click here.

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  • Business of the Year Business of the Year

    Business of the Year to recognize a business in the Carbondale corporate city limits that exemplifies excellence in growth, innovation, civic leadership, impact on the community and involvement in the Chamber of Commerce. Winners have included:

    1997    Kroger
    1998    Com-Pac International
    1999    Midwest Internet
    2000    Planning & Management Consultants, Ltd. (PMCL)
    2001    Old National Bank
    2002    University Mall
    2003    E.T. Simonds Construction Co.
    2004    710 Book Store
    2005    First Southern Bank
    2006    Mary Lou’s Grill
    2007    Newell House
    2008    1187 Creative
    2009    Venegoni Distributing
    2010    Thomas Publishing
    2011    Vogler Motor Company
    2012    The Bank of Carbondale
    2013    Vic Koenig Chevrolet
    2014    Wells Fargo Advisors
    2015    Grand River Spirits
    2016    Murdale True Value
    2017    Neighborhood Co-Op
    2018    Moreland/ Bishop McDonald's
    2019    Mayer Networks
    2020    SIH Memorial Hospital

  • Regional Business Regional Business

    Regional Business of the Year recognizes a Southern Illinois business that contributes significantly to the Carbondale community and the Southern Illinois region as a whole. Nominated businesses must be active in the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce. Winners have included:

    2005    Silkworm
    2006    John A. Logan College
    2007    Short Enterprises     
    2008    The Southern Illinoisan
    2009    E.T. Simonds
    2010    Alto Vineyards
    2011    Southern Illinois Healthcare
    2012    Extra Help, Inc.
    2013    Black Diamond Harley-Davidson
    2014    Rendleman Orchards
    2015    17th Street Bar and Grill
    2016    Walmart
    2017    Cook Sales
    2018    Samron Midwest Contracting
    2019    River Radio
    2020    Northbridge Professional Technologies


  • Young Professional Young Professional

    Young Professional of the Year is awarded to a Carbondale Chamber of Commerce business leader who is 40 years old or younger who best exemplifies the principles of business and community leadership through service to the community, respect for employees, and dedication to customer service. Past recipients are:

    2012    Melissa Lewis
    2013    Matt Brooks
    2014    Joel Sambursky
    2015    Jason Sigler
    2016    Shane Carsrud
    2017    Jeremy Clow
    2018    Justin Zurlinden
    2019    Brynn Wheetley
    2020    Nic Skovgard

  • Business Leader of the Year Business Leader of the Year

    Business Leader of the Year recognizes a Carbondale Chamber of Commerce business leader who best exemplifies the principles of business and community leadership through service to the community, respect for employees and dedication to customer service. Previous winners:

    1997    David Coracy
    1998    Stephannie Miller
    1999    George Sheffer
    2000    John J. (Jack) Buckley
    2001    John Dosier
    2002    Dr. Marsha Ryan
    2003    Steve Payne
    2004    Dennis DeRossett
    2005    Trace Brown
    2006    Tom Firestone
    2007    Greg Sprehe
    2008    Curtis Baird
    2009    Jeff Speith
    2010    San Chan
    2011    Gayla Borgognoni
    2012    T.J. Martin
    2013    Brad Weiss
    2014    Rex Budde
    2015    Robert Bleyer
    2016    Darren Berger
    2017    Al Kuczynski
    2018    Steve Falat
    2019    Jim Jacobs
    2020    Steve Mitchell

  • Chamber Service Award Chamber Service Award

    The Chamber Service Award goes to a person who has made significant contributions to the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce and the community.  The recipient must excel in accomplishments or achievements that have had a direct impact on the business community and the Chamber. As has been the long-standing tradition of the Chamber, the five most-recent board chairmen of the Carbondale Chamber select the recipient for the Chamber Service Award.  Previous winners include:

    1983    E.M. Webb
    1984    Dennis Lyle
    1985    Gregg Parrish
    1986    David Sanders
    1987    Frank Black
    1988    John Green
    1989    George Maroney
    1990    Robert Harty
    1991    Charles Renfro
    1992    Dan Parrish
    1993    Don Glenn
    1994    Kassy Simonds
    1995    Jerry Howell
    1996    James S. Prowell
    1997    Donald Beggs
    1998    Barry Smith
    1999    Pam Schilling
    2000    Ed Reeder
    2001    Andrew White
    2002    Phil Schaefer
    2003    Helen Coracy
    2004    Bonnie Brackett
    2005    George and Diane Sheffer
    2006    Brad Cole
    2007    Jeff Doherty
    2008    Sally Wright
    2009    Jason Borque
    2010    Woody Thorne
    2011    Randy Johnson
    2012    Bill Simonds
    2013    Darren Berger
    2014    Marcia Sinnott
    2015    Matt Carnaghi
    2016    Diane Daugherty
    2017    Scott Thorne
    2018    Amy Fox
    2019    Carolin Harvey
    2020    Larry Edgarton

  • Citizen of the Year Citizen of the Year

    Citizen of the Year recognizes an outstanding citizen who has made significant contributions outside of his/her chosen profession, not for personal gain.  Nominees should reside in the Carbondale area.  The nominee’s accomplishments or achievements must have been within the past five years and should have directly impacted on Carbondale. Previous honorees include:

    1961    H. Mason Parker
    1962    Sam M. Hunter
    1963    Archie Stroup
    1964    Gordon A. Parrish
    1965    James A. Cherry
    1967    Dr. E.R. Crandle
    1968    Dr. John B. Taylor
    1969    William E. Eaton
    1970    Ulmont Crawshaw
    1971    Charles Goss
    1972    Donald L. Meyer
    1973    Paul F. McRoy
    1974    J.W. (Pete) McKinney
    1975    Richard (Dick) Hunter
    1977    Elisabeth Leighty
    1978    Eldon O. Ray
    1979    Stanford L. Hoye
    1980    Carrol J. Fry
    1981    Don Carsrud
    1982    Hans J. Fischer
    1983    Matt Maier
    1984    Archie Jones
    1985    Orlen Wallace
    1986    E.T. & Katy Simonds
    1987    Elsie Speck
    1988    Mike Kimmel
    1989    Mike Diamond
    1990    Helen Westberg
    1991    Harry McLeod
    1992    Dianne Dorsey
    1993    Jeanne Foster
    1994    Tom Langdon
    1995    David Kenney
    1996    James S. Prowell
    1997    Mary Simon
    1998    Stephen Schauwecker
    1999    Betty & Ellis Mitchell
    2000    Gail and Linda White
    2001    John and Nancy Jackson
    2002    Frank Black
    2003    Neil and Mary Ellen Dillard
    2004    John Cherry
    2005    Helen Deniston
    2006    Harvey Welch
    2007    Corene and Milton McDaniel
    2008    Anne Knewitz
    2009    Jack Langowski
    2010    Mort and Barbara Levine
    2011    Randy Osborne
    2012    Sam Goldman
    2013    Sarah Heyer
    2014    Dr. Marsha Ryan
    2015    Mark "Skip" Cosgrove
    2016    Diane Hood
    2017    Frank Bleyer
    2018    George & Diane Sheffer
    2019    Darren Berger
    2020    Carolin Harvey