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  • 13Pro 

  • 13Pro aims to connect smart and savvy young professionals. We are dedicated to making our area a great place to live and work.



    DEVELOP. Get ahead in your career with professional development opportunities with 13Pro.



    CONNECT. Whether you are new to the area or looking to meet local business leaders, 13Pro provides networking opportunities to keep you connected.


    ENGAGE. Savvy young professionals have a lot to offer southern Illinois - stay integrated with the community through 13Pro outreach and social events. 


    RETAIN. Nothing creates a better environment than retaining the talent young professionals bring to southern Illinois - that's why we work, play, grow, and invest locally.


    Annual membership dues are $35 for individuals employed by businesses or organizations belonging to the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce and $50 for other individuals.



    To join 13Pro click here.


    13Pro is a standing committee and program of the Carbondale Chamber. 

    13Pro Chairman: Nic Skovgaard, Alter Ego Marketing        

    Board Representative: Justin Zurlinden, Realty Central